A new year begins in many ways and at various times. 

Happy New Year!  That is what it feels like around here.

A new year is largely marked by the date, January 1 with a host of celebrations and the setting of resolutions.  There is the simple task of remembering the new year when writing the date and a more delicate task of renewing hope for all the possibilities of another year.  It can be an exciting and daunting time of the year.

A new year can better be reflected for some by patterns in one’s life versus the calendar date.  Growing up, I remember farmer relatives speaking of the new year when spring planting arrived.  Various faith communities begin their new year with moments or holidays significant to their tradition and beliefs.  Businesses and organizations celebrate a new year based on start-up dates or the fiscal year.

Family New Year

For our family, the new year most accurately begins with the academic schedule… the start of school.  As our children began playing middle school and high school sports, the new year got bumped a bit earlier with the PIAA official start for practices and tryouts.  This year, that was August 15.

Thus, the new year has begun.  As educators, we prepare for students.  Our children anticipate school lists and teacher assignments.  Hopeful boys and girls tryout for their sport of choice or begin the regime of season practices where missing for leisure no longer remains an option.

Like many at the end of the calendar year, I found myself on Sunday evening reflecting on the past year.  Without hesitation, I sensed the ebb and flow of endings and beginnings.  I gathered my thoughts and even wrote some goals.  A lingering list from “last year” needs attended, but there will be several weeks of living fully in the moment while hoping against all odds the new year holds goodness mixed with any struggles or setbacks.

New year, new opportunities.
This is the moment to embrace each one.

Early Monday morning, we awoke with anticipation for all the possibilities, connections with others, and lessons we will learn.  Just to be clear, that is not saying everyone woke joyfully and ran out the door.  Yet the next few weeks will be full in abundant ways.  There will be a buzz around the house before the routine of school begins.

New Opportunities

A new year – no matter when it begins – presents a remarkable opportunity to lean into life more fully, make necessary changes, and renew hope.

In thinking of the new year…

Kudos to those trying something new or trying again after falling.

Kudos to those finding their voice and speaking up so they can move forward.

Kudos to those reaching out and connecting in new and mighty ways.

Kudos to all who long to fully live and learn and laugh along with life.

From our house to yours… Happy New Year!

When does your new year begin?  I’d love to hear from you!