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Hope in the Midst of Life’s Delicate Dance

Gift of Early Morning Hours

We woke with intentions of making and serving breakfast at a local church.  Folks living in need would arrive for a healthy meal and some warmth before the cold air accompanied them outside.  Upon arrival, we learned of a miscommunication with age limits.  Our youngest was unable to stay due to

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Happy New Year to You!

A new year begins in many ways and at various times. 

Happy New Year!  That is what it feels like around here.

A new year is largely marked by the date, January 1 with a host of celebrations and the setting of resolutions.  There is the simple task of remembering the new year when writing the date

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When You Hold the Difficult Pieces Together

We can choose to hold difficult pieces together,
And work toward fully living… for all.

Breathe when life feels full and hope seems impossible,
When the heaviness of life, of reality, becomes overwhelming, heartbreaking.
Breathe as you grieve and feel uncertain,

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Showing Up with Our Stories

“Hope holds a breaking heart together.”
(Ann Voskamp)

Oh glory… I’ve been struggling.
The last two years have felt like a mountain range to overcome.
The past few weeks have been our Kilimanjaro.
I bet you’ve been there at some point in your life…

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Hope Begins in the Dark

I miss all my flowers and plants.  All the spaces created and re-created at our “last” house.

Over time, each space was intentional.

Several years of planning and working with the soil.
Designing and re-designing flower beds,
Including precious plant gifts

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Slices of Hope

Welcome to this journey!

I’m so glad you are here.

I am simply wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend… very ordinary human being.

Trying to live authentically.
Choosing gratitude.
Facing struggles and challenges (that are making my hair turn gray).
Reconciling the awfulness and awesomeness

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